by Jessica Holst on September 9, 2019 in Babies

Babies Need Nightgowns

You’re going to be changing a baby in the night, in dim light, with very little sleep. You do NOT want to be messing with snaps and zippers. It’s too easy to pinch a tiny thigh with a fumbling finger while trying to snap a bodysuit or zip their sweet little belly into a zipper when you' re sleep deprived. I seriously think for night time use, you only need the gowns with the elastic at the bottom. Then you only have to change the diaper and not worry about anything else. If you choose co-sleeping, newborns can sleep with only their diaper on. You don’t have to think about keeping them warm, your body regulates his/hers.

During the day time, there is no shame in keeping sweet babe in the gown. He’s a baby. He doesn’t know day from night. 

It Doesn’t Matter WHAT Baby Wears; Be Gentle With Yourself

I see Instagram moms apologizing that their baby is still in her pajamas and it’s the middle of the day, and I feel infuriated. Don’t do that to yourself. Please know that baby grows so fast, these baby days are soon over, and you’re too precious to berate yourself for something as silly as what your baby is wearing. The Just Born collection has plenty of snuggly sleep and play outfits, which are perfect for erasing that mom guilt. Clearly, since they’re named sleep and plays, they’re intended to wear all day and all night. 

What Newborns Need

The average newborn doesn’t stay in newborn sizes for very long, because, despite all the poopsplosions, these little babes are very efficient at putting on weight and growing quickly out of their baby clothes. You’ll want more options in 0-3 sizes, but most babies do need the newborn size for the first month or so.

In addition to the much loved gowns and sleep-and-plays, you’re going to want a couple two piece outfits and 8-10 body suits, both long sleeved and short sleeved, in the newborn size. The body suits are great because if they do poop out of their diaper, (hahaha if) you can pull the bodysuit, and the gowns, down over their body instead of trying to lift it over her head and likely smearing the poop all up her back and over her hair too.

As They Grow

As Babe grows, you should have the same essentials on hand in the other sizes. I really do recommend that you register for specifics and especially for all the sizes for that first year. I can practically guarantee that you’ll put babe in the same sleep-and-play she had on last week, and it will look like you stuffed a sausage into a casing because they grow so fast.

Organizing All the Baby Clothes

To store all of this sounds like you would need to move into a bigger house, but remember, babies (and therefore baby clothes) are tiny! The easiest way is to put each like item of each size together in a gallon baggie. Label it with a Sharpie: “3-6 M Sleep and Plays” or “9-12 M two piece sets”. Then put the baggies in a bankers box or storage tote labeled with the size. If you have enough space in the dresser or on a closet shelf, you could do the same thing in a drawer or smaller basket or bin. If you want to get really fancy, you can suck all of the air out of the baggie with a straw and stack the baggies upright so you can flip through them like you’re at a vintage record store.

For clothes baby was currently wearing, I kept everything on hangers where I could see it, in my own closet. It was just simpler. One of my best hacks is to do what works for you!

Hopefully, after you take some of these recommendations, you’re going to feel more prepared for baby. Well, at least for what baby clothes you need and how to organize them. I don’t think we’re ever fully prepared for baby, and all the amazing crazy of parenting!