Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

By baby and toddler show

Choosing and buying baby clothes can create a weird mix of excitement and worry as you skim through an array of adorable pieces, whilst fighting internal reminders that a) babies grow up (very) fast b) wardrobe space probably isn’t never-ending c) comfort and function is priority and d) as a parent or parent-to-be, time is precious.

Here are our top tips for making buying baby clothes easy…

1. Choose Essentials

Think about the day-to-day and what items are going to make it easy for you to be super-mum/super-dad and dress your little ones at the same time. Clean and simple designs are key, with minimal zips and poppers to make dressing and undressing as speedy as possible (12 nappy changes a day is pretty normal at the beginning – imagine having to fight with complicated designs while you’re at it).

2. Choose Neutrals

Ok, maybe you don’t want to be the mum or dad that get’s asked a hundred times whether your little one is a girl or a boy, but keeping your baby’s outfits as neutral as possible will just be easier in the long run. Choosing items which can be easily mixed and matched will make outfit selection quick and easy, and also means you can hand them down with no problem at all.

3. Choose Comfort

Comfy baby equals happy baby. During the early stages of childhood, your baby’s skin is super sensitive. This is why it’s essential that any clothing that comes into contact with their skin needs to be super soft and made from natural materials, free from toxic chemicals.

4. Choose Quality

This is where choosing less, and choosing better is really important. Choosing quality items won’t only mean that your baby is likely to be more comfortable, but it also means that the items will be more likely to last, and can be passed down and still look and feel just as great.

5. Don’t Go Shopping

Ok, maybe this is never going to be an achievable goal, but if you can buy baby clothes without facing the tempting stores, it will probably save you precious time and money. Think about shopping online or consider choosing pay-as-you go (or pay-as-your-baby-grows) subscription options like ours, so you can remove the worry and simply have what you need through your door, when you need it.